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Albi has grown his experience mainly in multi-cultural London over the last 16 years. Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the industry, including the Ottolenghi team for over 6 years. His journey as a chef really started in Spring 2014 when he went plant-based as an ultra-marathon runner. He committed to a 3 month journey as a vegan, in the hopes of proving some people wrong about how good the plant-based diet could be. After jumping in the deep-end and learning about coconut oil, flaxseed & a million other completely new weird and truly wonderful ingredients, it was no turning back! Not only was it a new way of eating, but a completely new challenge to cook. He soon found out how much he enjoyed the food and the new larder. It’s just been a self-taught, loved and passionate journey of playing with quality seasonal ingredients, colours, textures and flavours. Sharing food, having an open home, a full fridge, and hungry friends. Making people happy with delicious food is something so easily done and particularly in today’s world where allergies and intolerances can sometimes be overwhelming, Albi strives to eradicate the stress of it. He believes whole-heartedly in sharing delicious and attractive food in a relaxed and unpretentious environment.



“Now and then you come across a genuine genius in their field. Albi Ison is that to catering. He provides an unparalleled level of service and personalisation for our clients, is always responsive to feedback, and his food is exquisite.For three years now, Albi has helped us craft bespoke lifestyle medicine programmes to help clients heal, grow strong and build resilience from the inside out. I have no hesitation in recommending Albi's services. You will be a returning client.”

Carlyle Jenkins, Founder - Prohab Performance​

”I feel like I have even more energy than normal and I am so much more alert – amazing what putting the right food in your body can do. Thanks for all your help with supplying my nutritious meals for FMD each day – my feedback today from Prohab was as follows: In eight weeks on the programme I have lost 5.4 kilos; muscle mass increased from 25.6 to 26.2; body fat percentage dropped from 27.1 to 20.9 and my waist has gone from 74cms to 62.1cms. And best of all, my blood pressure is 110 on both arms!”

Karen Brookes, UWJ Patient - Prohab Performance

"Albi creates deliciously nutritious menus for my family and managed to include everyone’s preferences which was no easy task. His service is professional and flexible; always eager to take feedback and adjust. Food is cooked fresh and delivered on time everyday.” 

Salman Attieh - Private Concierge Client 

“Albi has catered many of our gatherings and dinners over the past 4 years for varying numbers and briefs. Consistently delivering beautifully nutritious and delicious menus, with a friendly professional manner and maintaining a flexible and positive outlook toward every challenge we throw at him. Our guests always leave raving of the exquisite food that was the highlight of the gathering!”

Hillsong Church London